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Temple Trails:
The region of Sawai Madhopur and its adjoining areas have a romantic past full of epic battles, miracles and great belief in the powers beyond us. Some of the most exquisite and renowned ancient temples dot this region around the Ranthambore Park. Treehouse Anuraga Resort brings you a mapped out trail which takes you to some of the most famous temples near the Ranthambore National Park.

Trinetra Ganesh Temple : One of the oldest and most famous temples in Rajasthan, this is situated within Rantahmbore Fort. Its story dates back to 1300 AD, when a war broke out between King Hameer and Ala-ud-din Khilji at the Ranthambore fort. The long war had depleted food supplies and King Hameer, an ardent devotee of Lord Ganesha saw him in a dream. The Lord promised him that all his troubles would end the next morning. In the morning, an idol of Lord Ganesha as Trinetra (three eyes) was found in one of the fort’s walls. As promised by Lord Ganesha a miracle happened and the war got over. The temple was built in 1300 AD, with the institution of the Lord Ganesh in his Trinetra avatar, along with his two wives, Ridhi and Sidhi and his two children, Shubh and Labh. The temple is at the entrance of Fort Ranthambore and overlooks ponds and forest areas which are teeming with life. This is a must-visit for all who come to Ranthambore Park. Our Hotel in Ranthambore offers package trip to visit here.
Distance from Hotel: 15 km

Chauth Mata Temple: One of the most interesting temples in the area, this temple nestles on a hilltop and can only be approached by a long flight of stairs hewn into the hillface. Yes, thousands of religious and adventurous tourists visit the temple every year. The temple is dedicated to Chauth Matha who used to be the main deity for the ruler of the region. The temple also has a beautiful idol of Lord Ganesha and an idol of Bhairav within the main area. The temple is also a great example of Rajputana style architecture with an extensive use of white marble and exquisite carvings on the walls, pillars and ceiling of the temple. A fair is held at the temple every fortnight or chauth of the month. Our Hotel in Ranthambore offers package trip to visit here.
Distance from Hotel: 22 km

Shiv Mandir of Shiwar Village (Ghushmeshwar 12th Jyotirlinga of Shiva): This sacred shine is believed to be over thousands of years old. The temple itself is situated in the picturesque Devgiri Hills along the Kota-Jaipur rail route. One of the most auspicious times to visit this temple is during Shivratri when the temple is thronged with visitors in their colourful best. Our Hotel in Ranthambore offers package trip to visit here.
Distance from Hotel: 40 km

Jharel Ke Balaji: A beautiful serene temple on the banks of the river Chambal, the Jharel Ke Balaji is not just a place of great religious significance but also a scenic spot. One needs to walk a distance from the temple, and the path is often flooded during the rainy season. The place is a haven for bird-watchers and the cool blue waters of the Chambal make for a very nice spot for photography and a quick pit stop. Visitors to Ranthambore Park, will enjoy the wildlife around this area.
Distance from Hotel: 25 km

Kaala Gora Bhairavji Temple: Like many temples in the area, the Kaala Gora Bhairavji temple has been hewn into the hillside and has multiple levels. The temple has colourful chaatri’s and canopies. This is one of the few temples where tantric rituals are also practiced. Two Bhairav brothers namely Kala Bhairav and Gaura Bhairav are worshipped in this temple. Idols of Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva and goddess Durga are also present in the temple.
Distance from Hotel: 5 km

Shri Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra Chamatkarji : This ancient temple is beautifully constructed in the Jain architectural style. The pristine white statue of the deity, Chamatkarji (Bhagwan Adinath’s idol) has been installed in the temple. The temple has its name Chamatkar or miracle from the many recorded miracles which have taken place there and have been recorded by the Jain Society instituted to manage the temple.
Distance from Hotel: 5 km

Ramashram Temple (on the chambal river) – There is a conflation of three rivers (chambal, banas & kali sill). The temple itself is small and antiquated but the confluence of rivers can be very beautiful. It is a good place to see alligators and crocodiles. It is also a great place to see Indian skimmer and many other birds. Some rare sightings of Indian river dolphins have also been reported here. The banks are in different states, one in Madhya Pradesh and the other in Rajasthan. This also showcases the diversity of wildlife in the areas adjoining the Ranthambore Park.

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