Jodhpur, “the sun city”, the “blue city”, and so many more phrases that the city has been awarded with to describe the magnificent experience it offers to everyone who visits here, is indeed one of the favourite Indian destinations of a traveler.

Water Walk Experience

Jodhpur ,situated in the Marwar region of Rajasthan receives an annual rainfall of less than half of Indian average rainfall and is one of the driest regions in the countries today . There are many fables including the curse by a hermit and many more folklores which abound the region……
The ‘Water Walk’ through the Bijolai Palace is a unique learning experience designed to provide first hand information about traditional water harvesting techniques. It’s a crash-course to understanding the brilliant technology and rainwater wisdom developed over millennium in the desert. The Water Walk at The Bijolai Palace is a perfect example of the traditional water harvesting system conglomerated with the modern wisdom. In the meantime, please enjoy this short introduction and excerpts from a number of our water harvesting structures:


Rainwater harvesting is a two part endeavor. First, the water must be efficiently captured. Secondly -because monsoon rains are concentrated over a short period of two months- the rain must be stored for the remaining 10 dry months of the years. In this process of storing water for the Water Habitat Retreat, we make use of a wide range of structures: from man-made underground storage tanks, to natural underground storage, to open-water ponds. All of these are necessary to harvest every drop of the short monsoon rains. A sprawling lake known as the Bijolai Lake – a traditional rainwater harvesting structure – lies adjacent to the palace. Rainwater from the surroundings hills flows into this lake to be collected with the help of a check dam. In the courtyard, there is a perennial well recharged by water from this lake. And finally, the overflow from the Bijolai Lake goes into the Kayalana Lake, a vast water body about one kilometer away, supplying water to Jodhpur city.

Our Team conducts water walk tours each day for our guests and will be happy to take you through this tour.
For Special group tours or queries, kindly write to us at frontofficebijolai@treehousehotels.in

There are several hotels in Jodhpur that offer a splendid taste of the traditional Marwar, but there are only a few heritage hotels in Jodhpur that have their own private lake and that are a little away from the city, offering a tranquil, almost spiritual experience. One such Palace in Jodhpur is the Bijolai Palace, A Treehouse Palace Hotel.

Just a mere 6 kms from the district centre of Jodhpur, the Palace is situated amidst the Aravalis, with the wind blowing briskly all through the Palace.

There is a Galore of experiences awaiting you here, in the Land of Blue Houses.

As soon as you awaken take a little trek to the old traditional temple up the hill for a great work out experience and feel entirely energetic for the day ahead.

The Bijolai Lake is quite the centre of attraction in the Palace, offering a treat to the eyes to a few and totally rejuvenating a few others. The 101 family of Geese are very fascinating to observe while they swim and talk to each other while living in harmony. The Lake has been artificially built by Maharaja Takhat Singh in 1859 with a noble vision of providing water to his ‘Praja’ in the water depleted land of Marwar. Take a tour of this architectural marvel of the Palace also known as the ‘Water Walk’ to understand how the vision of the Maharajas of Marwar still keeps the city alive today.

The various bespoke dining options in the Palace along with the Gourmet Delights accentuating the dining experience are one not to be missed here. Choose to dine as per your fancies, either in the Swan, the multicuisine restaurant and lounge overlooking the lake or the Bijolai Terraces or the verdant green Gardens, they are all yours to savour.

We can only write to lure you enough to come and experience staying at Bijolai Palace, A Treehouse Palace Hotel.

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