Young Guests

Weekends are a time to unwind and relax with one’s family. Yet, for the young ones it is the time to stir up some adventure and enjoy a memorable time with dear ones. Whether you want to get away from the chaotic pace of the city life, are looking for moments of fun or have a business meeting to attend, we at Treehouse Dwarka make sure that our young guests are catered to and pampered down to the minutest detail.
In fact, Treehouse Dwarka is considered one of the best places around Delhi for a weekend of fun, recreation and adventure. We know that youngsters want to experience comfort and luxury, and that is exactly what we are famous for. The hotel offers a host of recreational amenities. Boasting of international standard turf and beautiful surroundings, the greenery range makes Treehouse Dwarka one of the top Neemrana hotels.
So whether you want to taste exquisite drinks, enjoy the sauna or take a dip in the pool, the choices are endless. Not only this, youngsters can also enjoy activities like snooker, tennis, basketball or have a private barbeque, because this Neemrana hotel certainly knows how to spread good times.
Another thing that the hotel is famous for is corporate team outings. Many organizations use the hotel’s facilities and spectacular ambience to cultivate bonding among team members. Employees spend time while rejuvenating at the spa, have dinner together and do much more. These activities not only cultivate a positive team environment, but also help in curbing the stress levels.
So whether you are looking for a spectacular break in Neemrana, the perfect weekend destination or just a sound place for business meeting, Treehouse Dwarka is the best Neemrana hotel that you can find. The hotel also offers special packages from time to time, so do enquire at the helpdesk before you book, you never know what discount awaits you. Treehouse Dwarka is certainly one of the best places around Delhi for unadulterated fun!

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