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Treehouse Hotels has the expertise and talent to handle events of varied kind.

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Treehouse Hotels has unrivalled experience in organizing a unique range of conferences in all of which are supported by state-of-the-art facilities, orchestrated by highly-trained personnel, and enjoy premium accommodation, world-class cuisines and diverse leisure options.

And we’ll handle everything for you seamlessly…so you can relax and have as much fun at your event as your guests will.

What All can we arrange?

  • Spacious event spaces with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • A wide range of ergonomic layouts
  • Private boardrooms and break-away rooms
  • Team-building options
  • Dedicated signage
  • Branded or themed presentations
  • Floral displays
  • Podiums and amplification equipment
  • State-of-the-art audio visual display equipment
  • Delegate stationery, mineral water, mints or cookies
  • Tailor-made coffee and tea breaks in spacious break-away areas or in charming gardens
  • Exclusive delegate lunches, cocktail receptions and dinners
  • Special themed dinners
  • Provision of after-event health facilities such as gyms, work-outs, swimming pools, massages and spa facilities
  • Grooming and beauty services
  • Separate registration desks/areas
  • Full business centre back-up
  • Attractive delegate accommodation packages
  • Dedicated business suites or CEO suites
  • Imaginative spouse/partner packages
  • Cultural exchange tours or local community visits
  • Cultural dance or music displays
  • Delegate gifts or presentation items

Team Building Activities
“Team building” is a host of different things depending on the perspective of the person. Some feel that it’s getting better acquainted, others think it should build trust, still others say it must improve communication, “bonding,” or learning how to solve problems as a group. And everyone agrees that there is an element of fun, because team building uses interactive games and adventures. In reality, team building is all of the above and more. A good team building exercise creates positive interaction among a group of people, and in doing so enhances their ability to work effectively as a team when they return to the workplace.
At Treehouse Hotels, we pride ourselves at our wide and long experience in organizing teambuilding activities to our varied corporate Clients. We have listed a few activities that we organize below. These are subject to availability and season.


The objective of this initiative problem is to move your entire group from a safe area over a designated poisoned – peanut butter plot to the far safe side using the provided props.

Human Ladder

The objective is to move the whole group from one point to another, 20-30 feet away, without the climbers touching the ground.

Blind Snake

The whole team stands in one straight line or behind one another, only the last person can watch the object placed randomly on the ground. Same message has to be passed through all the team mates without talking or opening the eyes. The first person in the group retrieves the object. Work as a team by preparing a proper plan wherein the entire team works together and co-ordinates properly so as to ensure that the objects are retrieved at the earliest and setting a time limit for the other team


A fast paced activity that can be modified to suit age and setting. Each participant gets one gutter or half pipe tubing. The object is to move a marble or assorted size balls using lengths of guttering from point A to point B without dropping them.

Chariot Race

A team building activity in which a group is challenged to physically cross a person on top of a wooden platform using pipes as wheels of the chariot.

Kangaroo Race

This is a race between the teams playing, conducted in a relay style with a pipe in between the knees, the same pipe needs to be passed with the team mates in order to complete the race and beat the other team. The passing needs to be done without the use of hands. Be the first team to complete the race without dropping the pipe on the way, one can jump, hop, walk or run while having the pipe in between the legs.

Balloon Race

All the members of the group need to coordinate with each other and walk with the balloons between each member. All the members of the group will have to cross the finishing line without touching the balloons with their hands or on the ground.

Object Retrieval

Standing outside a circle approximately twenty-five feet in diameter with a mature tree at the center, group members must devise a method of retrieving randomly placed objects from inside the circle. The group is provided a heavy rope. Neither the rope nor any person may make contact with the ground inside the circle.

Ants On Log

Standing on a log in two groups, each group facing the mid-point of the log, participants must arrange for each group to switch places on the log without allowing anyone to step down to the ground.


Group members need to race against another group by standing inside the track (Circular Plastic Mat).

Head & Tail

The teams are placed beside each other and a message is given to last person of both the groups simultaneously, which has to be passed through each and every individual member in the group in a non-verbal form also without turning your back and without any signs. Only the first person in the group gets to shout out the answer/message. Be the first team to give out the answer and win the game. Also one must ensure that the answer needs to be First as well as Correct. Being correct is very important. Helps improve concentration and builds an understanding

Great Wall Of China

A “Great” team activity where the group has to pass the Hula Hoop through each and every individual in the group and set a time for the other group playing with them. This has to be done without breaking the chain or using fingers.

Key Punch

The objective of the game is to complete the whole series of numbers from 0-50 or 51-100 in the proper sequence without multiple legs on multiple cards. Only one leg punches one card.

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All the above team building activities are just for your information and all of them cannot be organized at all our Hotels. Please call: +91 9821799741 to know more about team building activities.